Rainer Heike


Trainer profile

Analytical psychology (C.G. Jung), systemic coach and consultant

Professional career

After studying psychology (industrial and organizational psychology), Mr. Heike worked in various positions in HR management.

He has extensive experience in recruiting, personnel development, total quality management and, of course, as a coach and trainer. His professional career is characterized by development and change projects.

Trainer, Consultant & Coach

In addition to extensive professional experience ( since 1990) as a coach, consultant and trainer in a wide variety of companies, Mr. Heike has extensive and innovative further training, which guarantees you as a client the best results in your change measures. Here is an excerpt: Analytical Psychology (C.G. Jung), Systemic Coach and Consultant (Milton Erickson Society), Master of strategic dialogue and short term intervention (Instituto di therapia brevia, Arrezzo Italia), EFQM assessor (European foundation for quality management, Brussels), Insights MDI consulting partner, Golden Profiler of Personality accreditation, 16PF accreditation.

In addition to his work as a coach and trainer for specialists and managers at all levels, Mr. Heike supervises complete personnel development and change processes in production companies, logistics companies and in consulting firms.