"Welcome to our team! We're glad to have you."

The onboarding of new employees is becoming increasingly valuable - especially in the current times of a shortage of skilled workers.

For your new colleagues, the start and the bond with the new company usually begins before the first day of work.

How do you design your onboarding process?

Is this already running optimally or could you improve it?

We have a few training tools on hand for you:

Workshop: Recruitment of employees

  • Performance vs. trust: who do I really want?
  • Three questions: Who do I look for, where do I find him, how do I test whether we fit together?
  • Being able to create a requirements profile - tips for managers
  • Active Sourcing instead of Post and Pray: Ideas for Active Sourcing
  • Evaluate and further develop your own recruiting process
  • The frame in the interview: the 50:50 chance and the natural dilemma
  • Structured interviewing in flow: 7 steps to success
  • Combine different questioning techniques and apply the STAR method
  • Be able to conduct interviews, avoid assessment errors
  • Gaining information from non-verbal communication

Intercultural competence - "Onboarding" for employees in international teams

  • What is culture?
  • Cultural models/cultural strangeness
  • Cultural dimensions
  • Stereotypes / Prejudices
  • Intercultural interaction
  • Consideration of cultural aspects in dealing with the "newcomers
  • Guide to "onboarding" new employees

Freight Forwarding Basics for Non-Freight Forwarders

  • Basics of transport law
  • Distinction between freight, forwarding and warehousing contracts
  • Freight forwarder and carrier liability
  • Legal bases in cross-border traffic
  • Customs basics
  • Introduction Incoterms
  • Dangerous goods basics
  • Types of damage and liability
  • Reporting deadlines