Digital Leadership - Lobraco Academy develops new seminar for managers

Lobraco analyses the challenge "Digital Leadership - Leadership in the digital age" and develops a practical and innovative seminar!

Dernbach (Westerwald), June 2019 - The Lobraco Academy is again one of the first training institutes that has developed a practical and instructive seminar for the topic of digital leadership. The special thing about it is that the content is specifically tailored to the managers of the transport and logistics industry, so classic Lobraco!

In this training, participants gain a deeper understanding of the essential tasks, trends and success building blocks of digital transformation and thus experience the impact on corporate management and leadership.

Dieter Froitzheim, Managing Director: "The participants also strengthen their role as decision-makers in the digital age and thus ensure the long-term success of the company".

Commenting on the benefits of the training, Christian Buchenthal, Managing Director, adds: "This training gives participants important impetus for a new, personal understanding of their role in the management of individual employees, teams and entire departments. They learn at an early stage how leadership based on agile leadership approaches and working in interdisciplinary teams works today".

The seminar is aimed at members of the management & executive board, executives of all management levels, human resources managers and advisors as well as junior executives of all companies in the transport and logistics industry.

As a trainer, the Lobraco Academy was able to win a proven expert on the subject, Mr. Marcel Smieszkowski. Marcel Smieszkowski is a Digital Learning Expert & Coach with a focus on digital leadership, leading virtual teams, leadership development as well as personality and team development. The first "open" seminar date is 29.08.2019. The seminar will take place at the company's headquarters in Dernbach/WW.

The Lobraco Academy GmbH, with its sister companies Lobraco Live Online GmbH and the Rhineland Competence Center Management & Sales has, in addition to its own 5 permanent trainers more than 20 other, sometimes very close cooperation with trainers for their customers in use. At the Lobraco Academy, all trainers are "at home" in the transport and logistics industry and have versatile knowledge and extensive experience in their respective fields.

Lobraco has conducted over 350 face-to-face trainings and almost 1700 LLION's = Lobraco Live Online Seminars in 2018. Along with this, Lobraco recorded a total of over 27,000 seminar participants (incl. LLION) in 2018. The main focus in the range of services is on specialist topics, such as customs, dangerous goods, aviation security as well as scheduling and all topics from the areas of logistics, warehousing and handling. Another major topic area is training and consulting services in the field of management development and sales. New products and services are being developed for 2019. The specialist topics will focus in particular on logistics planning games and the area of foreign trade (customs).

Lobraco is also stepping up its international activities. Here, the program "Forwarder Certification" has proven itself in the last two years for worldwide seminars in the virtual classroom (LLION). The program is currently conducted in Spanish, Portuguese, German and English in over 50 countries around the world ( the virtual classroom).